Chapter 2E: Kamloops, BC

The adventure from Port Coquitlam to Kamloops was about a 4 hour drive and was absolutely beautiful. We weaved through the Coquihalla highway and passed by beautiful mountains. We finally encountered our first bit of snow which actually became quite a big issue when we were tipping the truck at the Kamloops Christian School. Since the school was on a bit of an incline, it became slightly more difficult to back up into a good spot to offload. Thankfully, our truck driver Denis is amazing and can reverse the transport truck into some pretty narrow spaces!

Salting the ramp so we don’t slide


Removing the ramp so we wouldn’t have to dig through that mound of snow

Kamloops Christian School welcomed us with open arms. The class sizes were small in this school (usually only one class per grade), but their level of engagement was fantastic. Again, the younger audiences (grades 6-7) continue to amaze me with their enthusiasm and creativity. I have been integrating my engagement piece right at the beginning of my talk which hopefully allows for students to think about their ideas throughout the presentation. With this group, I saw that students immediately started to write on their cue cards once they were handed out (which was a first). At the end of my presentation, we had (at least) a 15 minute discussion on the ideas they had for new innovations. Had the period not ended, I think the students would have continued on sharing their ideas with me! We certainly had some interesting ones:

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At this venue, the local high school across the street was invited to the exhibit as well as a school all the way from Salmon Arm which is about a 1.5 hour bus ride away. Perimeter Institute actually bussed these students in so that they could have an opportunity to see our presentation and exhibit. I really admire how we are taking these steps to connect with schools in smaller communities and letting them have an opportunity to see science in a different, out-of-the-classroom perspective.

Experimenting with the plasma ball

Experimenting with the plasma ball

Intensive physics discussion happening right here!

Intensive physics discussion happening right here!

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