Chapter 2G: Fort St. John, BC

So we’re revisiting the end of Chapter 2 again, because I failed to realize Fort St John was still in British Columbia (although it is pretty close to the Alberta border). Once we finished up in Whitehorse, we actually flew back to Prince Rupert (where we left our vehicle) and headed east towards Fort St. John, which is about a 13 hour drive. Fortunately, we spaced out our driving with an overnight stop in Prince George before continuing onwards. It was a long drive, but a scenic one with great company!

Capturing the landscape from the passenger seat

Challenging to capture photos in a moving vehicle but sometimes you get some cool ones

The venue here was a tad out of the norm for us, since it was situated in an auto shop inside Northern Lights College. We had been taking the copious amount of space in school gyms for granted. We managed to fit our 60 foot exhibit into a 63 foot space on uneven floors with large drains that caught the wheels of our carts. While the space was less than ideal, our truck was able to back right into our set-up space and we also received tons of help for off-loading which made this part super fast, so I can’t really complain.

Many youngsters loved turning the wheel of our Large Hadron Collider exhibit

A family engaging with the maker workshop presented by Actua

The Northern Lights College not only hosted the Power of Ideas tour, but also a Science World outreach event. This featured many other science organizations from Let’s Talk Science to local conservation groups who set up booths in the main entrance. We were only set up here for one all-day event and did no presentations, so it was a fairly short stint. Despite that, we were fairly busy all day, talking to mostly families about our exhibit. Science World had previously done outreach in schools around the area before the public event and was able to market it very well. We ended up having a little over 500 people show up to our exhibit!

The slime making station

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