Chapter 5B: Yorkton, Saskatchewan

We were welcomed to Yorkton, Saskatchewan with a horse drawn carriage ride and a (much anticipated) bonfire. Despite its small size, the city was certainly not short of hospitality. We really got a chance to  sit down and get to know Wayne, the main science contact as well as Cindy, the math coach through all our wonderful get-togethers. On our first night, we enjoyed roasting sausages over the fire, making s’mores, telling stories, playing with the cats and dog and most importantly, making music together. It’s magical how strangers can feel like old friends overnight.

The horses await us while the sun is setting

Everyone doing their part to start the fire

Yorkton Regional High School would not only be hosting the Power of Ideas tour but also, the Saskatchewan Science Centre (similar to the set-up in Saskatoon). Wayne had arranged for over 20 schools to come and visit our exhibit and attend our innovation presentation! Since Yorkton is very small, they don’t get many opportunities to host large events like this one, so he wanted to make sure everyone in the region could access our tour. His efforts did not go to waste. Not only was he able to get all the schools in, he was able to promote the public event and got an astounding turnout with over 200 people – we hit 100 people in the first half hour of opening! I was so impressed with Wayne’s organization and his overall determination to get people in Yorkton excited about science.

Upside-down goggle demonstration

Full house for the public night in Yorkton

I did four presentations here in Yorkton and therefore collected many ideas, questions and concerns from my audience. Here’s what was on their mind:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were stuck in Yorkton for the Easter weekend but Cindy made sure we that we would enjoy it. She invited us to go horseback riding and hosted our whole crew at her cabin in Rockford, which was just phenomenal. It was lovely to be out in the wild without functional technology that keeps us glued to our devices. We hiked, talked, ate and of course, we had to jam around the fire again -this time it was cozier because we were inside. It was amazing to get to know people and hear about their lives. We have this awesome opportunity to go across Canada and we’re doing it fairly fast,  so we don’t always have the time to sit down and get to know the locals and connect with them. Throughout this trip, luck has been on our side and we’ve managed to make some memorable friendships.

Brushing the horse before our ride

Cindy’s cabin

Remembering our hike through the muddy woods

The sky seems bigger here

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