Chapter 6B: Brandon, Manitoba

We arrived in Brandon, Manitoba on a beautiful day full of sunshine. While we were all smiles about the warmer weather, the spring run-off had actually caused the Assiniboine River to flood. Street lamps that were part of a walking trail were almost completely submerged under water. However, despite the severity of the flooding, the city was fully prepared for this and set up dikes around the major roads to prevent the water from spreading.

The flooded Assiniboine River

Brandon was a special stop, because it would be the first time the original crew would meet some of the new members that would replace some of us. Since Lucija, Bex (our tech) and I would be gone during summer session, we had to train the new crew on what their responsibilities would be.  Moving our stuff into the university would be an ease compared to some of our previous venues (lucky new crew members). The theatre had a loading dock which meant our ramp was not needed (woohoo!) and our exhibit pieces could easily fit through the large doors in the gym.

Welcoming the new crew, J.T. and Ashley (minus Kacie would would be joining us in Winnipeg) with our stellar style!  (Photo captured by: Lauren S.)

We had a great turn-out at the university, with a variety of audiences from middle school to high school students. At this venue, we started to do more demos at the same time, which helped spread out the students who usually surrounded our participation counter. Our science contact at the university really enjoyed our prism goggles which made you perceive the world upside-down or switched your left and right. She kept making her students and other teachers come in to see if they could catch our green cloth with our goggles on!

As always, here’s a peak at what students in Brandon had to say:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, we all had a great time learning and bonding together at Brandon University. Welcome to the team Ashley and J.T.!

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