Chapter 7A: Stephenville, Newfoundland

Woohoo! After a lovely summer of cycling in the west coast of Canada, I am finally back on the Power of Ideas Tour! We started in Toronto, where we welcomed new staff and said good-bye to our summer staff and before we knew it, we were on our way to Atlantic Canada. Our first stop? NEWFOUNDLAND!!! I am so happy to be back on “The Rock” as I did my MSc a couple years ago at Memorial University and have really missed the landscape and culture here. It’s nostalgic.

View from the beach in Stephenville

Hiking on The Gravels trail in Port au Port (10km from Stephenville)

We kicked off the tour in Stephenville, Newfoundland at Stephenville High School where we had an interesting load-in. The truck had to be positioned on the grass, parallel to the gym doors in order to not block the back road. We had to put down planks of wood to provide some turning room for our exhibit and presentation equipment, followed by a small ramp to get over the little step into the gym. Even after all that, we realized that the door height was just a tad too small and had to move in the panels and our LHC exhibit by hand.

Struggling to get our exhibit through the gym doors

First set-up in a while

Our time in Stephenville was wonderful – we had students who really enjoyed having this science exhibit in their small town. Some highlights for me: 1) There was one girl who was really captivated by the Mystery Tube and was determined to keep trying all her theories – she even came back during her lunch hour to talk to us. 2) Younger kids were blown away by the delayed mirror which demonstrates the time it takes for light to travel to the moon and back.

Kids are quite amused with the delayed mirror

Here I am talking to students about the Event Horizon Telescope

Over the summer, presentations were not done and so this was the first time we would present with a new script. It incorporates more examples and props, including a boombox that I’m trying to get volunteers to come up and try out. This might work better for younger audiences and so I’ve got to think of something that older students would be interested in. It’s exciting to be back engaging with students and to be on the east coast again. I’ve missed it.

Here’s the crew for the Fall! Welcome to the team Samuel!

Stopping by Joey’s Look-out while driving towards St. John’s

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