Chapter 7B: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Wow, to be back in St. John’s seemed surreal to me. I lived there three years ago while I was completing my MSc at Memorial University and completely fell in love with the city and the rest of the island. I loved the small town with breathtaking views of the ocean. I missed the cliffs, the hikes and the people. It was good to be back, even if it was just for a short time.

Beautiful St. John’s from Signal Hill

Arriving at the Geo Centre in St. John’s

We set up at the Johnson Geo Centre which you would bypass when heading up towards the infamous Signal Hill. While the view was spectacular, our load-in was far from it. Due to the angle and small size of the road, our truck driver could not back up to the rear doors of the building. Instead, we had to opt for a more creative route which involved using two truck ramps to get to the bottom of a hill before descending another slope towards our underground venue.

Two truck ramps were needed to get our gear down this little hill

Nope, not done yet. We had to go down this one too.

The set-up was a tad tight, but the space could not have been more fitting with planets in our solar system floating above the exhibit. In addition,  the lighting provided this outer space like ambiance which was different from our usual gymnasium venues. I witnessed some wonderful interactions within the exhibit in St. John’s and also had some great conversations. One of them was with a family with homeschooled children. They were on an adventure themselves, going from city to city across the east coast learning about various subjects by visiting museums, science centres and historical sites. It was really neat to see a family that valued the nontraditional method of education. I talked to the eldest (who would be in grade 11) and she had many questions about what I was doing, what my career path was like, etc. It was an interesting conversation that led from one topic to another, from the perks of traveling to reforming education. Despite our focus on talking about science in the exhibit, it was nice to see that we could also be resourceful for students pondering about their future.

The planets above the Power of Ideas exhibit

Outside the exhibit, we tried to do as much sight-seeing as possible from whale watching to catching sunrises.
Thanks for the memories (again).

View of Georges Lake from Nick’s cabin

Sunrise from Signal Hill

Reflecting at Cape Spear

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