Chapter 8B: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

It was sad to depart the beautiful Cape Breton Island, but the drive to Antigonish, NS was lovely. It was nice to witness the autumn colours and still be close to the ocean. Antigonish is home to St. Francis Xavier University and interestingly, their homecoming prevented us from actually staying in town. Instead, we had to make the 40 minute commute everyday from New Glasgow. Both towns were charming with small downtown areas and nearby trails to explore.

Our load-in was pretty smooth for the most part. We were able to back up the truck close to the gym doors, however our LHC crate and panels could not fit through (we were so close). Alas, we had to carry them in manually. On top of the that, the theatre was actually located on the bottom floor and so we had to put all the theatre equipment piece by piece into the small little elevator, which thankfully fit most of our things.

Our host, Janie was wonderful. She took great care of us and even had students cook us lunch – a heartwarming chili with soft biscuits. The students as always were enthusiastic and loved playing with the exhibit. One moment that was particularly memorable was when a student asked me about the wave frequency of different colour lasers. We had a discussion which then led me to showing him our laser interferometer in our exhibit. I described to him how sensitive these instruments can be and how the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) was able to detect the gravitational waves from two black holes colliding. It was interesting to me how conversations can start with one topic and lead to another.

Students trying to figure out the mystery tube

Students intrigued by our bead demo

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