Chapter 8C: St. Bernard, Nova Scotia

We headed to St. Bernard, Nova Scotia, a very tiny town just a few kilometres from Weymouth for our next stop. We stayed in the lovely Goodwin Hotel in Weymouth which overlooked a small river and basically the entire “downtown” area, which consisted of a few restaurants, a small visitor centre and library. The weather again was amazing and many of us spent some time sitting outside soaking in the sun, reading our books and admiring mother nature. I had found a quiet spot by the river to admire some sand pipers at play and even saw a bald eagle soar above me.

Basking in the sun in Weymouth

Since our truck was able to back up right to the gym doors of St. Mary’s Bay Academy, our load-in was fairly easy and we set-up quite quickly. During our time there, we received some great feedback from everyone at the school. For example, we had teachers approach us and ask us whether or not students could come back again and see the exhibit. I had one retired teacher come up to me at the end of the presentation to thank me and commented on the parallel between neuroscience and our universe. He was absolutely enthralled in how much we have yet to learn. We also had students who were extremely inspired by what we were doing – one even reached an epiphany as towards what he should do in life.

Students impressed with our plasma ball experiments

Watching angular momentum in action

We spent Thanksgiving in Weymouth and had a delicious dinner at the hotel – ugh the pumpkin pie was so good! On our days off, we decided to do a small hike to the Balancing rock, a vertical column of rock which is actually balancing on it’s tip!

Delicious pumpkin pie

Balancing Rock

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