Chapter 8D: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Finally, we arrived in the beautiful city of Halifax! It had been a while since we were in a more populated area, so we tried to take advantage of the amenities of a big city – more food, places to drink and explore. We would be stationed at the Discovery Centre in Halifax, except we were warned that it would be a tight fit for us. With very little space, we would have to take out many of our panels and break up our exhibit to accommodate all our parts. We were only able to set up after the centre closed and so we worked well into the night figuring out the placement of all exhibits pieces. We also did not have storage space which meant all of our cases would have to go back on the truck.

Squeezing our exhibit into the small space

We got soaked in the rain as we put our cases back on the truck

We were at this venue for a week and had to be in the exhibit during hours of operation. We had two days of programming for students and we were open to the public the rest of the time. Although we had no actual days off in Halifax, we were working in rotations so that we could all have some time off to explore the city.

Theodore Tugboat!

Artists setting up their exhibit for the Nocturne art festival in Halifax

This would also be another festival location where Art McDonald would make another appearance. Along with our exhibit at the Discovery Centre, the festival would bring in local universities and science organizations to bring in demonstrations from various topics from biophysics to marine biology.

Awaiting Art McDonald’s presentation at the Discovery Centre

Despite our limited time off, we were able to explore around the city and even got to see Peggy’s Cove.

Watching the colours change on the road to Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove

This leg of the tour has been exceptionally busy – we have been jumping from place to place and often setting up the same day we drive. Our next stop would be Saint John, New Brunswick.

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