Chapter 9A: Saint John, New Brunswick

In a blink of an eye, we were off to another province: New Brunswick. Saint John (not to be confused with St. John’s, NL) was our first stop. It was nice to be staying within the downtown area for a change – we stayed in Dartmouth when we worked in Halifax. Our hotel here was an old mansion which had rooms equipped with kitchenettes so we could cook! There were also two pianos and a beautiful sun room.

Playing chess and piano in the living room

We’re so stoic (Photo by: Lauren S)

Our venue here was Saint John High School, apparently the nation’s oldest public funded school. Our load-in was interesting as it took our truck driver at least a half hour to navigate through the narrow streets of Saint John and then back up (on a one-way street) towards the gym doors. Unfortunately, we could not fit our panels and LHC crate through the doors and so we had to carry these pieces in manually. Despite our setbacks, we were able to put together the exhibit at a good pace.

Denis backing into this tight space like a champ

We had a really busy schedule here, with 10 shortened presentations to do in total. Due to the scheduling, we had to cut our usual 45 minute presentation to 25-30 minutes. Unfortunately, this meant less interaction with students, but hopefully it enticed them enough to want to learn more. This venue had probably one of the nicest theatres I have seen on this tour with a huge stage and a balcony! The tech kids who were in charge of the sound and lighting equipment were eager to help us set up and lend a helping hand to our tech.

Gorgeous theatre at Saint John High School

As always, we had some interesting models on the board

Students mesmerized by our Spin to Infin exhibit

Saint John was an interesting place to explore. There were gigantic cruise ships coming in all the time, along with beautiful old buildings with rich history. We also explored a nature trail not too far away from the city on our way to Fredericton.

What a massive cruise ship…

Charming streets of Saint John

Big waves at Irving Nature Park

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