Chapter 9B: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Without much of a break, we headed towards the beautiful city of Fredericton. We had passed this city on our way towards the east coast and so we were familiar with a bit of the downtown area already. Fortunately, we stayed close to downtown so access to food was all within walking distance. The hotel we stayed in was similar to the one in Saint John, in that it was a house turned hotel. The breakfast here was all inclusive and was wonderful – fresh eggs, bacon and sausages everyday! This was a nice change compared to our usual hotel continental breakfasts.

 We set up our exhibit and presentation in the athletic building at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). The space was so large that we were able to fit both the exhibit and presentation! Luckily, we would never have groups in both the presentation and exhibit, thus this set-up worked well for us. Our load-in was pretty easy. Although we had a few items that did not fit into the elevator, we found a quick solution by pushing our larger items down a small hill to another entrance.

Ready to unload

Promoting our event on all the screens at the Richard J. Currie Center

The students that visited our exhibit were curious and full of questions. We even had some first-year physics students stop by and I had a rather long conversation with one student about what he wanted to do in the future. He was trying to gain as much insight on what people were already doing and was making the rounds of asking our team what we studied, our experiences so far and what we wanted to do in the future. This was also the first venue where I facilitated in French which was both exciting and nerve-wracking. I practiced my spiel for the plasma ball over and over again and it seemed to pay off – students understood me!

Line-up to try our inverted goggles

This group definitely had tons of things to teach us

Fredericton had beautiful trails for walking and cycling. There was a beautiful pedestrian bridge that crossed the St John river which led to even more trails on the other side. UNB also had a wonderful bouldering gym which was free for first time users! We only wish we could have gotten there sooner – we had about 45 minutes to climb before closing. All in all, Fredericton treated us well and I was sad to leave.

Pedestrian bridge across St John River

Admiring the view from the other side

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