Chapter 9C: Riverview, New Brunswick

Our final stop in New Brunswick was in Riverview, a town just outside of Moncton. Our venue, Riverview High School provided us a tight space in the library to set up our exhibit. Thankfully, everything fit through the doorway just fine. However, we had to adjust our layout due to some shelves and desk space which were not accounted for in our initial schematic. Needless to say, it all worked out. Did you expect anything else? We’re pros now.

Making progress in our tight space

The interaction with the students at this school was phenomenal. I witnessed students working together to solve the mystery tube, one student even skipped class intentionally because he wanted more time with it. We received amazing questions and thoughts from students which varied from physics to biology and geology. It was evident that these students were curious and were not shy to show it. It was so rewarding to hear so much positive feedback from both students and teachers.

Exploring different ways of testing potential models with the mystery tube

Students busy developing their ideas for the mystery tube

We explored a bit of the downtown area of Moncton, admiring the graffiti and eating delicious vegetarian cuisine. To our surprise, we found a bouldering gym which we absolutely loved. They had an ongoing promotion which gave us a one-week access to the gym for $25 – let’s say we definitely got our money’s worth. Before we knew it, we were packing up again and driving towards our last province in the Maritimes: Prince Edward Island.

Beautiful blue jay on the side of a house in Moncton

Tofu chocolate raspberry cake at Calactus

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