Chapter 10: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Wow, two months have flown by and now we have visited the last province in the Maritimes: Prince Edward Island (PEI). We got the opportunity to drive across the legendary Confederation Bridge which almost closed due to high winds (luckily we left early). Once we got onto the island, we saw plenty of rich red soil and passed by the infamous Cows ice cream parlour.

Driving across the Confederation Bridge

Our venue was the University of Prince Edward Island, which is located in Charlottetown. Our contact, Lisa worked tirelessly to bring in as many schools as possible into the exhibition and presentation. We received (at least) one class from every high school in PEI which is pretty impressive. Our days were so jam packed that we had volunteers help us transition groups from station to station. Out of all the places that we have visited, PEI is where we gave the most presentations (12 in total). Our public opening was quite successful as well; we saw almost 100 attendees come play and learn in our exhibit. We all met exceptional individuals of all ages who were inquisitive about the universe, physics, math and life in general. Again, it was rewarding to have such heartfelt conversations with people who were so passionate about science and so eager to learn.

Opening our doors to the public

Students having fun with our inverted goggles

Actua showing off their innovation stations

Unfortunately, we did not have time off here which is too bad because it would have been lovely to explore more of the island. However, we did what we could. We ate ice cream, walked along the boardwalk, watched the sun set and even went out for drinks with our contacts from the university.

Wandering by the shore

Catching the sunset

While PEI was a wonderful stop, it was also a sad moment for all of us. Alas, one of our team members, Nick (who has been on tour the longest) would be leaving us to embark on his own creative endeavors. We will miss him dearly.

Our last group hug with Nick (Photo credit to Lauren’s camera)

Throughout this whole tour, we have seen people come and go, so change is not uncommon. However, it still hasn’t set in that this tour will soon come to an end come mid-December. This has been my life for the past year and so it will certainly be different once I go back to my “regular life”. For now, we will begin our Quebec tour which means everything will be en français.

All smiles in PEI (Photo by Lauren S)

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