Chapter 11A: Baie-Comeau, Québec

We have finally arrived in the last province of the tour: Québec! Our first stop was the small city of Baie-Comeau located right along the northern part of the St. Lawrence River before it opens up to the ocean. This drive was long and particularly exhausting because we had torn down the exhibit in the morning. We left Charlottetown and drove for almost 8 hours before reaching our hotel in Matane. We would then take the ferry from Matane to Baie-Comeau the next day.

Waiting in line for the ferry to Baie-Comeau from Matane

“Downtown” Baie-Comeau

First snowfall!

Here, we would reunite with the rest of our francophone crew who we met previously in the beginning of September. Bienvenue Stéphanie et Josiane! While they were introduced to the exhibit during take-down in Toronto, they did not have experience setting up or loading off equipment from the truck, so they had to learn quickly. Fortunately, Lucija would stay to help us for this stop before taking off after set-up in Rivière-du-Loup.

Loading out our exhibit with the new crew

The exhibit is in the gym and ready to be set up

Cegep Baie-Comeau was our venue and their gym had a large garage door that provided more than enough room to push our exhibit gear. Our contact, Alain was lovely and was always ready to give us a helping hand. Set-up went smoothly and before I knew it, I was thrown into my first day of facilitating in French. Although I am not completely fluent in French, this was an awesome opportunity to practice! It’s lovely to be back in a francophone community where I am forced to speak the language. I am hoping to pick up some new vocabulary by the end of this tour.

Sam discusses black holes with students

Overall, we had great student engagement and wonderful feedback from teachers. Our new crew jumped right into doing french presentations on the second day and did a fantastic job with facilitating the exhibit. Merci Baie-Comeau!

Taking a wee break before loading everything back into the truck

Welcome Stéphanie (left middle) and Josiane (right middle)!

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