Chapter 11C: Alma, Québec

Our schedule for Québec underwent changes since the beginning of the last leg of tour. We were supposed to be in Québec City during this time, but management had trouble finding a venue so we got re-routed to Alma. We took a ferry (for the last time) across the St. Lawrence River and then drove northwest towards the Lac Saint-Jean area. The load-in for this venue wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t ideal either.

Raising the roof (literally) to fit our exhibit through the hallway

A low ceiling almost prevented some of our largest exhibits from getting through. Thankfully, we were able to angle them in such a way to make it work. Our exhibit space was tricky since it was in a small atrium with pillars and a stage. We had to put our LHC exhibit on stage and switch the position of our spaghettification mirror since the ceiling on one side was too low to accommodate it. Unfortunately, since this was a last-minute stop, the theatre availability was limited and so we actually had to set up and take down the presentation on the last day.

Interesting exhibit set-up

The teachers in Alma were extremely friendly and made sure we were well taken care of. The students also seemed to have a genuine interest in the content we presented. We had a few students who were interested about studying physics and wanted to know more about potential careers in this field – I happily turned them to Sam, Josiane and Stephanie who were more than thrilled to talk about their experiences. Although we did not have a great turnout for the public night, we had many students pass through our exhibit during the day since it was in a communal area that people had to go through to get  to class.

Students using different ways to figure out what’s inside the tube

Sam is getting interviewed by the local news

After a hard day’s work, we got to sing some karaoke

With winter drawing closer, we knew we would start running into poor road conditions. However, we did not expect the cold weather to freeze our truck driver’s brakes! Denis got stuck in the middle of the road while backing up into our load-in spot, but thankfully (after 20 mins), he was successful, at least for the most part (he was off the road). Before we knew it, we were all packed up and ready for our next location: Trois-Rivières.

Denis gets the truck into the parking lot despite frozen brakes on one side

Merci Alma! (Side note: This is what happens when you forget to take the group photo during the day)

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