Chapter 11D: Trois-Rivières, Québec

Slowly but surely, we headed towards bigger cities. Our next stop was Trois-Rivières! This would a special place for one of our team members, Samuel because we would not only visit his hometown but we would also be visiting his old high school ( Séminaire Saint-Joseph). The old school was beautiful, rich with history and had several famous alumni including former prime minister Jean Chrétien and film-maker Denis Villeneuve.

All set up and ready for the students

Does this guy look familiar?

Loading our gear into the venue was easy since the gym had a large garage door (no need to worry about low ceilings here). The teachers were very welcoming and were excited to have us at the school. While we faced no problems setting up in a large gym space, we ran into issues with the theatre due to some miscommunication. During the time we were supposed to set up the presentation, there were films being screened in the theatre until 10pm. This meant that we had to come to the school early the next morning and attempt to have everything prepared for a 9:30am presentation.

Setting up the presentation last minute (very early in the morning)

We had many energetic students come through our exhibit! We were very busy and almost never had a quiet moment as class after class trickled in. Our public night brought in many parents with their little ones who were all excited to learn about science. Sam was clearly the star of the evening, as his family and friends circled around him, eager to learn about each part of the exhibit. 

So many students swarming Stéphanie with the plasma ball that you can barely even see her!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

After taking down our exhibit and piling everything back into the truck once again, we headed to Sam’s parent’s house for a lovely home-cooked meal. It was nice to be in the comfort of a home, with good company, food and music. Of course, before we left the city, I had to make sure I tasted this infamous pizzaghetti Sam kept talking about.

Apparently this is a Trois-Rivières thing: Pizzaghetti (Spaghetti literally in pizza)

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