Chapter 11E: Montréal, Québec

Montréal would prove to be the most memorable stop for all the wrong reasons. While big cities generally meant more things to do around town, it also meant we had to deal with more traffic and tighter spaces. Collège de Maisonneuve was in a pretty busy part of town and it did not have the best entry point for large trucks like ours. Also, the snowy weather did not help our situation. In fact, it initiated our very first problem: a stuck truck.

Examining the stuck truck situation

Denis attempting to back out of this icy patch

Our load-in locations had changed a couple times to accommodate our large truck. The initial location was too narrow for a truck our size to fit, however Denis had not received information that this location had changed. When he approached the spot, the truck slipped into a narrow curve (no thanks to the ice) which soon became impossible to get out of. After spending the whole morning trying to get out, Denis finally gave up and we had no choice but to take out all our gear and roll it down an icy hill towards a side door into the school. The amount of problems that proceeded are too numerous to list in this blog post. I will simply summarize it as an unfortunate series of events most probably due to disorganization and misunderstanding which became a (larger than expected) burden on us. Fortunately, our tear down was a little less stressful.

Pushing our gear down an icy slope into the school

Blanket technique to slide our heaviest bit of presentation equipment down stair aisles

Once we finally settled in, we had many good interactions with the students at the college and high school students. Since most of our team was from Montreal, we had many friends and family stop by during our public night. It’s always wonderful to share what we have been doing for the past year to people that our close to us.

Merci Montréal!

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