Chapter 11F: Québec City, Québec

Finally, we arrived at our last stop in Québec: Québec City. Initially, we had problems finding a venue that could accommodate our exhibit and presentation requirements, but finally, Cégep Limoilou (Charlesburg campus) responded and agreed to host us. We could not be more thrilled with this location. The Cégep was equipped with a loading dock and it was easy to wheel our things into the atrium and presentation space. We had no trouble at all which was a direct contrast to our Montréal location.

Second floor view of the exhibit

One of the best presentation spaces we have had

The beauty of being in the atrium was that students had to pass through our exhibit to get to their classes. We caught the attention of many people this way. There were also many teachers who were drawn by our set-up and were genuinely curious about what we were doing. The first day of programming was open just to the Cégep and because it was during exam time, we did not receive many individuals for the presentation. However, on our second day, we saw two secondary schools which was exciting.

Cégep students learning more about the plasma ball from Stéphanie

In-depth conversation about the LHC with Josiane

This riddle draws in a teacher who was determined to solve it (Photo by: Stéphanie C.)

As I mentioned before, this leg of the tour would be challenging for me to facilitate as it would be in French. However, I have learned an immense amount from my colleagues who have been supportive and also visitors who have been patient with my explanations. It has definitely given me the confidence to continue to speak French. Learning a language is tough and you have to remember that you are going to make mistakes (all the time) and that is okay.

Merci Cégep Limoilou!

That’s a wrap. Merci Québec! (Photo by: J.T.’s drone)

I can not believe we are almost done the tour! We are off to our last venue soon: Ottawa, ON!

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