I am drawn to neuroscience and psychology. I also enjoy the visual arts. Lately, I have become a fan of “sciart”, from artworks using scientific data or biological specimens to art pieces simply inspired by science. This intersection of art and science captivates me and thankfully, I’m not the only one (see Art the Science and SciArt Center). I see art as a communication and educational tool for science, so I’m trying to make that happen.

I was a former behavioural neuroscientist who rekindled with the arts and ventured into the land of science outreach. Now, I enjoy communicating science in creative forms. I write, doodle, paint, make and travel. I have created this site to share my work and experiences in hopes of providing new perspectives and connecting with fellow science communicators/sciartists.

When I am not reading science articles or creating, I can be found frolicking on hiking trails, cycling in all types of weather or pretending to play musical instruments.

Here I am feeling quite victorious after many unsuccessful barehanded capelin catching attempts:

cat with capelin

Thanks for stopping by.

– Cat

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